About Us

Achiever’s Isle started in the year 2015 on 10th April in Kolkata (Garia). The institute was named as Achiever’s Isle because this institute in itself saw a small isle in this vast world of knowledge and education, where it aims to create achievers in their respective field, like, in science; in helping students achieve their dreams in medical, engineering and other fields of science. The institute is having its own ‘Study Centres’ at Garia and Ballygunge Phari, both in Kolkata, and it is also to planning to come up with another ‘Study Centre’ at Durgapur, for offering classroom programs for IIT-JEE, WBJEE, AIPMT (NEET)/ AIIMS and also board level classes from class VIII to XII.

Why Achiever’s Isle

We provide an atmosphere where each student is guided on his or her weak point by the faculty with personal care by having a one to one discussion, taking an extra hour for someone who is weak and pulling him up with the help of an extra sessions and guidance. Giving out timely coursework (assignments) for students to solve and work out their grey cells. Taking timely exams for both schools and competitive levels like ‘Gear –I’ (for school level), ‘Gear –II’ (for school level), ‘AGE -α’ {(the grand exam) (for both school level and competitive level)}, Gear - III(for school level) & ‘AGE – β’ (for both school level and competitive level). We issue score cards (mark sheets) to the guardians so that they can also keep a track record of their word’s performances. We also keep a track of the candidate through graphical representation of the candidate’s performance in the exams conducted by the institute.