Month Class XI Class XII
April Nature & Scope of Biology Classification & Protista Reproduction in Organism Plant reproduction
May Kingdom Protista Kingdom Fungi Reproduction in Human  
June Plant Kingdom Animal Kingdom Principle of Inheritance Theory of Evolution,Human Evolution
July Anatomy of Plants Plant tissue,Anatomy of organism Molecular Basis of Inheritance  
August Cell & Cell Organelle Cell Cycle Biotechnology  
September Biomolecules PGD , Respiration Ecosystem Strategy
October Photosynthesis Transpiration Human Health ,Disease Biodiversity
November Digestive System,Blood Respiration    
December Excretory System Nervous System    
January Nervous System EndocrineSystem    


Month Class XI Class XII
April Dimension Analysis Vectors; 1D & 2D Motion Electrostatics Field & Potential
May Laws of Motion Friction; Centre of Mass Capacitance  
June Rigid Body Collisions Circular Motion Current Electricity AC
July Rotational Dynamics Gravitation Magnetism  
August Fluid Mechanics Surface Tension Ray optics Electromagnetic Waves
September Elasticity SHM Wave optics Modern Physics
October Heat Thermodynamics Modern Physics Semiconductor
November Heat Transfer Radiation Semiconductor Transistor
December Waves
January Revision & Doubt Clearing Classes    


Month Class XI Class XII
April Atomic Structure IUPAC Nomenclature Solid State Halogen Derivatives
May Stoichiometry Isomerism Solution Alcohol & Phenol & Ether
June Periodic table & Chemical Bonding Estimation of Organic Compounds Chemical Kinetics Electrochemistry
July Gaseous State Mechanism of Organic Chemistry Carbonyl Compounds Carbonyl Compounds
August Chemical Equilibrium Alkane-Alkene-Alkyne p-Block(gr-15,16) p-Block(gr-17,18)
September Red-Ox Chemistry Alkane-Alkene-Alkyne Acid Derivative Amines
October Thermodynamics Mechanism of Organic Chemistry Amines Co-Ordination Chemistry
November Ionic Equilibrium s-Block d-f Block Polymer Chemistry
December p-Block Aromatic Hydrocarbon Surface Chemistry Test Series(Aviksha) & Revision
January Revision of Organic Chemistry Stoichiometry & Gaseous State Test Series(Aviksha) & Revision Test Series(Aviksha) & Revision
February Revision of Organic Chemistry Atomic Structure & Equilibrium Test Series(Aviksha) & Revision Test Series(Aviksha) & Rrevision


Month Class XI Class XII
April Progression   Matrix Determinants
May Complex No Induction Conics  
June Trigonometry   Inverse Limit
July Trigonometry   Differentiation  
August Binomial Function    
September Relation Limit    
October Continuity Differentiation Integration Differential Equation
November Differentiation Lines,Circles Complex Probability(A,B)
December Circles Tangent,Normals Probability Vectors
January Vector,3D Statistics Vectors 3D

Tentative Exam Schedule

Last Saturday & Sunday of May 2019 Gear I
Last Saturday & Sunday of July 2019 Gear II
Last Saturday & Sunday of August 2019 AGE α
Last Saturday & Sunday of November 2019 Gear III
Last Saturday & Sunday of January 2020 Gear IV
Last Saturday & Sunday of February 2020 AGE β